Upgrade "Elements 9" fails

Got License for Cubase 9 Elements,
Bought Cubase Elements 11 UG
when I key in the “activation code” for CE11UG it just says; “no license availble to be upgraded”…

so what am I doing wrong?

Are you aware that you need an USB eLicenser for Cubase Pro? Did you move the Cubase Elements license to the USB eLicenser before trying to activate the upgrade?

Hi Mathias, thanks for your response…
however I bought Cubase Elements 11 UG and want to upgrade from Cubase ELements 9

Ok! Then we are talking about the update to Cubase Elements 11. Do you see the Cubase Elements 9 license in the eLicenser Control Center?

Yups I do … just activated it

Looking good. So what happens now when you enter the Download Access Code of the update from the confirmation email into the Steinberg Download Assistant?

Tried to put more images in but fails,
Well it accept the download code
Open elicenser
Prompt for upgrade
States that no products can be upgraded

Could you please sent me a PM with the screenshot?

Ahhhh! Unfortunately you bought the wrong one. You will need the UPDATE. Not the UPGRADE.

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not surprised, its not like they make it easy for newbies to figure this out…
thanks tough …

Yeah, sorry. The terminology with update and upgrade is confusing at Steinberg.