Upgrade from 4.5 to 12 and transferring Cubase cpr. projects / folders

I am finally moving out of 4.5 and Mac OS El Capitan.My computer just got too way behind,so I got an Intel Mac Mini and I am migrating to the new computer. have been on C since pro24, and have upgraded my old projects to .cpr, all readable on 4.5, A lot of these are critical projects, projects for musicians who have passed,scoring and horn arrangement projects, etc., so I need to make sure they all work on my newer Mac.In the process of buying and installing C12, I was told by Cubase rep my old projects may not import to 12. I can’t do that - I have to have them all openable. Can anyone help me out? I don’t want to find out I spent a pile of money to hit a dead end…


The CPR file type remains. So you can open the projects. But you could have problems with the plug-ins. They might not be compatible or might not be available nowadays.

First if you can get rid of the intel mac, I’d do that instantly for a M1 or M2 / ASi machine. Its the future, intel is dead and you are setting yourself up for more of the same problems in the near future. Yes some VST vendors _still+ haven’t compiled for M1 native and have zero excuse ( positive grid , others ) but they will eventually get there. Intel macs are on life support, don’t expect any support for them 3-4 years down the road. M1 native apps also run faster and take advantage of the new GPU and neural processor. 16gb of ram in a mac mini is not really enough ram except for the simplest projects. The processors are also not very capable, especially compared to M1. I’d get a new M2 mac min with 32gb of ram as the lowest config modern mac.

There are two ways to deal with this -

  1. get at least one intermediate ver of cubase, like say Ver 8. Open projects, save as V8. Should open ok in Cu 12. We know you don’t have those intermediate vers apps, so beg or borrow a favor, send some one the project files to do the open saves for you.

  2. export all tracks in Cu 4.5 as stems. decide if you want any FX on them or not. bring the stems into Cu12 and setup from there.