upgrade from 4 studio to 5 question


Today I went to a music store and they had a cubase 5 upgrade that they were selling for
A good price. They had a tag on the box that said upgrade from 4 studio to 5.

As I’m on a tight budget at the moment I jumped at it thinking it would be a nice little upgrade.

After having installed it it looks like it only upgrades from non studio versions. I was pretty frustrated.

So I guess my question is is there any way I can continue with the upgrade or did the store rip me off(as i said they stated it would upgrade from studio) and should I try and get a refund :frowning:


There seems to be a lot of grey area here. There would seem to me that there is a difference between Cubase Studio 4 and Cubase 4 studio. If it indeed only upgrades from the full version of Cubase 4 then I would return it and tell them that their display was misleading.

Thanks for the reply. I was hoping there may have been a way, spending a bit more, that I could have gone ahead with the upgrade. I guess it’s back to the store.