Upgrade from 6.0.7 to 6.5

No need to find a reseller just go directly to the steinberg online shop. The upgrade path cubase 4/5 to 6.5 with grace period to 7 is still there for only 199€!


But cubase 6 users have no option to upgrade anymore! And in the end it counts like cubase 4/5 users are able to get 7 (with grace period)for 199 € while cubase 6 users gets nothing at the moment. The only option cubase 6 users have is to wait until 5.Dezember to get cubase 7 for the regular price of 199€ for the upgrade. So at the moment cubase 4/5 and 6 users pay 199€ to get 7!
Where is the discount for cubae 6 users?
Where is the grace period for cubase 6 users?
Cubase 6 users already paid one or two upgrades more then a cubase 4/5 user!

This policy in treating users differently is not acceptable for me!

cheers for the heads up :slight_smile: That good to know, but I think I’m going to pass on 7 for now… I’m pretty unhappy with this move and don’t want to suport a company who tries to tie the hands of customers to the new product unfairly… 6.0.x users have been stitched up.

It going to take some glowing reviews to make me budge:)


Cubase 4 and 5 users can upgrade to 6.5 for 170 Eur and that leads to a grace period upgrade to 7

Cubase 6 users, who payed more than 4/5 users CAN NOT upgrade to 6.5 and will end up paying 199 eur when 7 arrives…huh!

Totally crazy…

Time to learn logic which is sleeping right now on my HD…

And I will wait until Logic X comes out and reevaluate my options based on that…

Don´t talk too much - just do it. Steinberg will surely notice you have not updated, but most of the users here are probably not really interested in knowing which DAW you use…

I phoned to steinberg to know if there was any way to come back to 6.0.7 as the license for 6.5 was not available, they said there is NO WAY , but actually, i restored my PC to the system of last week… and cubase works again…only the steinberg plug ins as the flanger, delay, reverb…etc… are not working…but all the other plug ins are working…this is an alternative situation for the wait untill the 5th december…
y guess is that with time machine you can do the same on mac. . .

  1. Just venting…
  2. I think I have the right to express my point of view in this matter. I have no illusion Steinberg is listening to “me”, but if enough people express their discontent maybe, maybe Steinberg will reconsider.

It IS simply strange (and not right) that Cubase 4/5 users can upgrade at a lower price than Cubase 6 users…I cannot imagine I am the only one affected by this (and being not really happy about it).

And customers putting “pressure” on a company by telling they will use/ buy another or competing product, that is called “competition” and “free market” and our right as consumers!


yeah, it is business at the end of the day; you could argue that for steinberg a customer updating from version 4/5 to 7 is greater an asset compared to a 6 -> 7 update, as those customers are expressing a renewed interest in the product they may have abandoned. hence the price difference. not saying it’s ‘fair’, but unfortunately you either have to play along, or be out. i’m rather doubtful steinberg are the listening to the people kind, so i’m afraid you’d really need to jump ship (alongside hundreds of others). at the end of the day, all these rants mean people are genuinely interested / concerned, which i guess is good for the product development in the end. just wait for c8 / your new DAW of preference. ;]

None of this is really “fair” depending on your definition. And this isn’t just Steinberg. Look at NI.

Users of Kontakt 2 can (or at least could a while back) upgrade to Kontakt 5 for the same price as what a Kontakt 4 user pays to upgrade to Kontakt 5. Is that “fair?” I’m not sure if this is true at the moment because NI requires me to log in, and I can’t log in as a Kontakt 2 user.

Maybe it’s a German thing.

Bottom line for me is always: what does the new version deliver in extra features/workflow enhancements, and can I justify the update for the amount of money it’s offered for. Not if someone else gets it for the same money while having a version earlier than mine: I don’t care, cause that person has been without the features of my current version for two years. Apparently they couldn’t justify when I could.

So finaly the 6.5 update price for version 6 users are the same that for version 4 users?
allways the same equation how to make friends or how to lose friends…

I don’t see how much is the update price from 6.0.7 user to version 7?
As owner of two licences 5 and 6 , can someone tell me the price from 6.0.7 to 7; and version 5 to 7
best regards


?? don’t undestand the “no” :refer to my question qith a "? "
or to my constation of this topic with no “?”
if it’s for the question, please can you give me the url to see where I can see the different prices, because I don’t see the difference in the shop?
best regards

I quoted the part I was referring to. It contains only one question as far as I can see…

Update from 6 to 6.5 was 50 € IIRC - Update from C 4/5 to C 6.5 is 175€ to 199€ - depending on seller.

As owner of two licences 5 and 6 , can someone tell me the price from 6.0.7 to 7; and version 5 to 7

6.07 to 7 is 199 € - 5 to 7 will be 249 €. Read the announcement post it´s all in there…

Everybody wants something for nothing!! :open_mouth:

It seems this comes up everytime there is an upgrade. Its SB’s perogitive… they can set any pricing structure they care to.

Either spend the money, or not.

6 to 7 is €199 and 5 to 7 is €249. However, 5 to 6.5 is still available for €199, so if you do that know, because of the grace period you’ll get 7 for free on 5th December.

In case it has not been mentioned yet:
6 to 7 is 199 € and 4/5 to 7 is 249 € and 5 to 6 is from 175€ to 199€ depending on seller…

and I just wanted 6.0.x > 6.5 upgrade (as per thread title)… and I can’t have it… just over 600 views on this post now so at least it must have resonated with some people out there. SB listen of your customers! or loose 'em!

so, in response to my original question, I had a reply back from a rep via pm:

"Hi there,

The Cubase 6 to Cubase 6.5 Update is discontinued.
Sorry, but that is the fact.

We can not help you in this case in any way, the Cubase 6-Cubase 6.5 will not come back.

Thank you for your understanding!


Actually, as the owner of 6.0.7, I’m still very disappointed with Steinberg. The software still has various bugs (particularly in the audio editor & when manipulating audio files) and many times my DAW suddenly shuts down and the backup file misses more than 40% of the work I’ve done.

Steinberg, I’d like to ask you the following: Why do you keep releasing newer versions of Cubase, when you haven’t even ironed out the bugs in the older versions?

The new features in 7.0 might sound interesting… but my experience with Steinberg will yield the following: You’ll click on a new feature, begin using it, and then POOF, software will shut down, giving you that annoying “Wanna restart it and load everything again?” option. You’ll wait for a fix, which will eventually come out, but won’t correct the problem entirely and then, Steinberg will release a newer version, arguing they’ve got it right this time, which you’ll have to pay for. In the meantime, your older “buggy” version, which was never fixed, will no longer be supported with updates. Typical.

I have a Mac Pro with 16 GB RAM, and it is a “musician’s dedicated” computer. All plugins are genuine, purchased VSTis from the big players, like EastWest, etc. Cubase shouldn’t be crashing. There’s no excuse for sloppy code, Steinberg. Fix it.