Upgrade from AI to Artist Doesnt work with Elements license

I just bought an upgrade from AI to Artist box-set.
It says on the box upgrade to current version from AI6 or higher, but the license says its cubase artist 10 BUT!
My real issue is; The license doesnt work on my Elements9.5 license, witch I upgraded from AI few years back.

I was under the impression that an Elements license is higher then a AI license, nevertheless I got a downloadlink for cubase AI 9, that Im pretty sure appeared when i upgraded another Cubase LE6 to cubase AI9, but this license says Cubase LE 9.5 for some reason.
When I download Cubase AI 9, it automaticly transfers to Elements.
I also have a link who says upgrade to artist from AI in my download section, that one only starts downloading the downloadmanager.
So what should I Do?
The download for AI,LE, and Elements are the same. Why doesnt the license manager, manage to calculate the value of the license…?
Or offer a downgrade from Elements to AI or why aint it possible to Get Cubase AI anywhere if its such a big deal in the activation-prosess.

What should I do? support section never answer the tickets before after a month sometimes…?!