Upgrade from Cubase 10 Elements LE AI to Cubase Pro

Good day to you.
New Years eve and just received the upgrade from music store from Cubase Elements LeAi to Cubase Pro 11.I had no usb licenser only soft e-licenser.
The package came wih a usb licencer so i downloaded the program from download center and the activation code didnt worked.After several hours i managed to found out that i must transfer the license from e-soft with drag and drop to the usb licenser.I did it i registered everything but there is no license for the upgrade inside the usb licenser. What should i do?

Did you enter the activation code into the Elicenser Control Center?

What exact error did you receive?

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Please select the licence you want to upgrade and click Upgrade license and all the licensers both soft and usb are red

I did it more than 50 times ,upgraded the elicenser another 50 cleaned up memory with recovery etc

Doing the same action multiple times won’t change the outcome. :smile:

What it sounds like is that you do not have a license on your USB key that matches the update that you purchased.

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Hi Steve and wish you a blessing 2021.
There is no license nor update inside my usb licenser.So what i must do in this situation?Contact support?

Contact the place where you bought it.

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thank you Steve

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Hi Steve. Music Store says to contact the manufacturer for this problem. But it takes a ling time for Steinberg to answer back. What is the fastest way to solve this? Thank you.

Be sure to tell them (your local store) that you bought the update for the wrong product so they understand correctly.