Upgrade From cubase 10 to 12

Good afternoon
I am a home studio producer who loves to play around with Cubase in my spare time. I am currently running Cubase 10 and was looking to upgrade to Cubase 12 and was wondering if anyone on this forum has previously done this switch, and could please advise if this is worth while doing, what would I benefit from ?
Also, what would I need to purchase and what would be the cheapest way of completing this upgrade?
I would really appreciate your advice and thanks in advance .
David Gibson

Whether it is worth is something only you can decide, as no one here knows your requirements. Best way to find out is to test the demo version.

Cheapest way to purchase the update from Steinberg is when they are having a sale, like right now you can get the upgrades for 40% off (I’ve bought them for 50% off at times, but no one here can tell you for sure when or if that will happen again.

The upgrade form C9.5 to C11 was a great purchase and big step forward. C11 was much better, offered new functionality, was rock stable. Then I decided to upgrade to C12 - and I regret it every day. C12 is not stable, has worse performance (same project works far more better on C11), crashes aaaaa lot, and it is no more trustful partner. So it occurs that although I have C12 - more offten I work on C11. My point is that knowing what I know now - I would never upgrade to C12. Pity that you cannot upgrade to C11 - that I would recommend 100%.

Im happy with Cubase 10, never had any problems and im confident with alot of the features, but just fancied a bit of a swap with something new. I now think with your comments about Cubase 12 crashing I will think about upgrading a little longer and do a bit more homework before purchasing. Thank you

What exactly do you want to know?

From what I’ve tested, for me C12 had a better performance than C11, but direct comparison is difficult, as the performance meter changed.
Stability: mostly a problem with plugins, sometimes with Steinberg’s own ones (GrooveAgent SE is a problem case…). Else not much difference to 11 for me.
I tend to agree though that C12 wasn’t the best of all releases…

This is why it is important to check for yourself with the demo version, and work on a real project. Systems configurations, plugin collections and workflows are very different and what may work for one may be a disaster for someone else.

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From my own experience (from C11 to C12), even hardware and software configutation, many more instabilities under C12.
I don’t know how to explain it but since C12 was installed, my C11 has also become unstable!

Unfortunately, I am not an engineer and I do not have time to waste to check all my plugins (which worked very well before C12) to find some explanation, to have to rescan all my vst or extensions (which I am obliged to do randomly under c12!!) and I find that in front of the increase in complaints, the steinberg support was not good. Sorry to say.

honestly if your current Cubase is stable and allows you to produce as you wish, do not make the change, wait for the next version and the first evaluations of each other

When it works, when it meets your need, you don’t need to change everything at the risk of having to spend more time investigating than making music. This is the customer reality.

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