Upgrade from Cubase 11 Elements to Cubase 11 Artist

Hi, I’ve looked everywhere and can’t see this option. Am I missing somethin?

Hi and welcome,

Steinberg Shop > Software > Cubase Artist > Updates & Upgrades > Upgrade (2) from
Cubase from Cubase Elements 11
Cubase Elements 10.5
Cubase Elements 10
Cubase Elements 9.5
Cubase Elements 9
Cubase Elements 8
Cubase Elements 7
Cubase Elements 6
Cubase Studio 5
Cubase Studio 4
Cubase SL 3
Cubase SL 2
Cubase SL

little bit confusion upgrade…I spend money for upgrade Artist 10 to 10.5, then from 10.5 to version 11
and now if i want upgrade from artist to pro version…is it the same price for artist 10 to pro11 like
11artist to 11pro?
So very Well…my over 100 euros to waste…congratulations!!!

Thanks. Does Artist have an upgraded version of Halion Sonic?


The HALion Sonic SE version is the same in both Cubase Artist 11 and Cubase Elements 11. But you get bigger sound library in Cubase Artist 11.

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