Upgrade from Cubase 5 Educational to 8.5 PROBLEM!

I have the USB dongle for the Cubase 5 Educational I’ve been using for years. Yesterday I bought the new 8.5 update, and when I try to enter the activation code, I get this message below

I updated, reactivated, registered, uninstalled, reinstalled - did everything possible to make sure all is up to date, in the website, in the softwares version etc - nothing works.
So now, past the grace period of 25 hours, I have a software that won’t load because I won’t accept my activation code! I’m stuck in the middle of project. What should I do??

Not the best start of a new romance with a new software



Sorry, the screenshot is very little, and I cannot see almost nothing. In every case, on the connected USB-eLicenser, there is no wanted Cubase version, from which you want to upgrade.

  1. Make sure Cubase 5 license is on the USB-eLicenser.
  2. Make sure, you order Upgrade from Cubase 4/5.
  3. What Grace Period do you mean?

I do not believe you can upgrade (at discount) to a more recent version of Cubase from an ‘educational’ version. That is likely why the 8.5 update won’t work. You have to purchase Cubase 8 first. At full price unless you are eligible for another educational purchase.


You can upgrade from EDU version any time, as far as I know.

It seems I am misinformed. Sorry. :astonished:


Martin - the grace period of 25 hours before it won’t let you run
thank you for your answers, I’m waiting for Steinberg’s answer, I sent an enquiry through asknet. will fill update when I know more.

It usually turns out when activation code for update isn’t recognised that the user has not bought the correct update…so the updater is looking for a different version

Can you confirm as Martin asked you to check that in elicenser manager the license showing is for Cubase 5 and that the update you bought is called update from Cubase4/5??

Not sure why, but I can’t see any screenshot at all in your post.

Hi everyone,
thought I should share Steinberg’s answer with you:

You have a license for Cubase Studio 5 registered to your MySteinberg account.

This license cannot be updated with the upgrade you purchased.

Our shop partner Asknet will provide you with a refund for this purchase.

You can find the correct upgrade path on the following website:


" Upgrade from Cubase Elements, LE, AI, Essential, Studio, SX, SL or Sequel "

So they will refund me and we’ll go for the correct license then.

Thanks all