Upgrade from cubase 5 to 10.5 pro

Hey Folks

I have cubase 5 registered on my USB elicenser and can upgrade to 10.5 for £260. Am i right in thinking that when i buy it from the steinberg shop they will just email me the product registration code for 10.5 pro?

Also, I have Cubase 10 LE on my PC and registered also on the same eLicenser, does this mean I don’t have to download and Install 10.5 pro?
Will the activation code I get from Steinberg just convert 10 LE to 10.5 Pro?

Cheers for any help

Yes… When you purchase from the Steinberg shop you will receive an activation code via email.

No… Your CB LE 10 version is different from the Pro 10.5 version. So you will have to download and install the CB Pro 10.5 software via the SDA (Steinberg Download Assistant).

Regards. :sunglasses:

They will email you an Activation code, which will convert your Cubase 5 license to a Cubase 10.5 license (on the USB eLicenser only). This has nothing to do with the programs installed on the machine. You will have to download and install Cibase 10.5 Pro from the full installer.

Cheers folks.