Upgrade from cubase 5 to cubase 11 artist?

i want to upgrade my cubase 5 to cubase 11 artist is it possible? and if yes Which upgrade i need to order?

It says there is upgrade path from Cubase Studio 5:

I’m in Australia so that is an OZ price:

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If you own Cubase 5 (the highest edition), you can update only to the highest edition, i.e. Cubase Pro.

hi…thank you for the answer… On the license write just (cubase 5) That means it’s the highest edition?



This is your upgrade option:


Yes. Just be aware, it’s an update to Cubase Pro, not Cubase Artist, you requested. But it’s the only one you can get.

hi …it’s (cubase 11 pro) even better than cubase artist 11 right?

Here you can see the differences for yourself
Compare the versions of Cubase | Steinberg

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Yes, it is. Cubase Pro is the highest Cubase edition.

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