Upgrade from Cubase AI 8 to AI 10


Is there any upgrade from AI 8 to AI 10 possible?
Also, if there is, then the plugins work as they are, or should I re-install them?

I am still on Windows 7, this is why i dont ask for either 10.5 or 11.

I don’t know whether C10 will install or run on Win7, but in general it is no problem installing several Cubase versions in parallel, they all have their own separate directories. No need to reinstall plugins, either, it might just be that you need to point the new version to your plugin directory (if you have your VST2-Plugin directory someplace else.e.g.).

If you own Cubase AI, you get any newer version with your license… at least it’s like that with the AI license I have, which came with a Steinberg audio interface.

Your plugins should work as they are.

Here’s the download link for Cubase AI 10: Cubase 10 Updates and Downloads | Steinberg

First of all, thank you both for your answers :smiley:

@fese , as i remember, when checking compatibility,C10 is compatible with Win7 - C10.5 goes with Win8 and up.
Also i imagined it as an upgrade, not as a separate installation :slight_smile:

@chakkman , yes it came with UR22 (some years ago), but now i did the step to install it.
So the licence, was back then for AI8, but now, after the activation, it said only “AI”, so i thought that it would be also for later releases.
Because, as i have seen, AI 10 has rewire enabled, i gave it a first shot, i installed it, but the first time i tried to run it, it only went through loading “GUI” and then it shut down. I thought, that this might be some weird thing with the licence, so i uninstalled it and installed AI8.

So, i can try to install it, in parallel with AI8 and with the same licence?

edit: in the meantime, i tried to install again AI 10, this time in parallel with AI 8.
Again the loading stops and dies, at “Loading Gui modules” (dont remember the exact words).
Any help on that?

Has anyone seen this?