Upgrade from Cubase AI 9.5 to Elements 10

Hello all!
I’ve just bought the upgrade from Cubase Ai 9.5 to Cubase Elements 10 and I received correctly the activation code by email.
Now I thought that I had to download a specific software for directly upgrading AI but then I figured out I should need to download and install the standard full version of Cubase Elements 10 and then use the new activation code in the eLicenser software.
My questions are:

  • will eLicenser need to recognize I already had installed on my computer Cubase AI to allow me to use the upgrade code? and so do I have to keep installed Cubase AI when I install Cubase Elements?
  • will upgrading Cubase AI to Cubase Elements disabilitate the old activation code for Cubase AI?
    Thank you so much

Hi and welcome,

  1. eLicenser Control Center holds your Cubase AI 9.5 license. Thanks to this it will allow you to upgrade to Cubase Elements 19. You don’t have to keep Cubase 9.5 installed.

  2. The old (Cubase AI 9.5) license will be replaced by Cubase Elements 10 license.

Thank you so much!