Upgrade from Cubase Artist 10.5 to 11 Pro


not sure if somebody has already reported this, but what is not working in my case seems to be different.

I am upgrading from Cubase Artist 10.5 to Pro 11. Download ok, I have the codes and can start the activation from download center.

However, Artist 10.5 is missing in the list for some reason …

…and the license app shos me that I have no upgradeable licence.

I have the same problem! I’m glad I’m not the only one. Did you get any support? I will call Steinberg in 10 minutes.

I have just purchased this upgrade. I’m going to leave it a few days before I install it because of all the hoo-har going on. I’m keen to know your progress!

I got this mail from support after contacting them. I translated it by myself, so sorry for mistakes.

"Thanks for your call!

Unfortunately you cannot upgrade from Artist 10.5 to Pro 11 at this moment. We are working on this problem. As soon as we know that this problem is solved we will let you know. Please be patient.

You can try to upgrade Cubase with the existing activation key today and tomorrow with the eLicense Control Center.

Best regarads."


thanks for sharing this info.
I have contacted them too, but no reply so far.

has steinberg already fixed their screw up ?

For me it still does not work. The problem is not solved. I mailed them again, asking for an additional license for artist 10 (not 10.5) because I’m sure this would be a good workaround for users that upgrade vom artist 10.5 to pro 11. No answer so far.

The problem is fixed. Pro 11 could be upgraded.

I can confirm this also.

Did you just use the same code they sent you originally?

Yes, but you have to use the maintenance button in e-license control first.

Got it working now. Thanks