Upgrade from Cubase Artist 10 with eLicenser USB to Cubase Artist 13 on a different machine

Hi all,

I am currently considering to buy the upgrade from Cubase 10 Artist to the latest version. The application was bought in 2019 and the license is managed through the USB dongle. My problem is that I have bought a new machine since then and can hardly access the old installation.

I have heard that the newer releases only come with soft licenser, but that is just hearsay.
Machines: Old MacBook Pro (Intel) to MacBook Pro (M1).

Now my question:
Can I upgrade my existing Artist 10 flawlessly to the new 13, especially in regards to licensing? Or do I need to access the old installation and deactivate/manage it from there? What would be the necessary steps to complete the upgrade process after I have downloaded the package?

Any hint would be highly appreciated, thanks all for your help in advance.




You don’t have to have Cubase Artist 10 installed at the new system. Just plug in the USB-eLicenser with Cubase Artist 10 licence and you can update the license to Cubase Artist 13.

There is no eLicenser anymore, the new system is called Steinberg Licensing and you need to activate products via the Activation Manager. You can read everything about it here

and here you find the information on how to upgrade from eLicenser based products