Upgrade from Cubase Artist 9.5 to 10.

I have been a loyal user of your products for many years and from the very beginning of my work with music software.
I am currently working on Cubase Studio 4 but I have a version in an unpacked Cubase Artist 9.5 box. I received this new version as a gift from my wife who bought it on 10/12/2018 (I have the original purchase document-invoice with date) a few days after you released the new version of Cubase Artis 10. The description on the Steinberg website was to ensure that all who they bought an version 9.5 of Cubase after the date of the release of the new version they will receive a free upgrade to version 10. Since I haven’t had the need to upgrade to the last version for the last year I still worked on my old Cubase Studio 4 but I want to switch to Cubase Artist 9.5 now, activate it and finally start use. Will I get a higher version if I send such a purchase document after activating version 9.5?

You don´t need to send anything anywhere, it will automatically update the license to 10.5 as soon as you activate the 9.5 license