Upgrade from cubase Element to artist

buy the upgrade from cubase element to artist without having usb e-licenser. I didn’t understand that part. I would like to know if the new licensing system that starts with cubase 12 next year allows me to activate my license which would only be with steinberg id. getting a usb e-licenser is difficult in my country.

Thank you!

I thought I would wait until Artist 12 is out before I upgrade from Elements 11. I believe you won’t have to worry about having a USB dongle with C12.
Somebody correct me if I’m wrong here.

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I cannot tell by sure. But I strongly believe, Steinberg covered this use case.

Imagine we are in 2023, there will be users upgrading from Cubase Elements 11 to Cubase Artist 13. There will not be the USB-eLicenser anymore. So it’s the very same use case you described. Therefore I believe it’s covered.

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