Upgrade from Cubase elements 9.5 to Either Artist or Pro 11

I currently have elements 9.5 and want to upgrade to either Artist or Pro 11, can I do this or do I have to start again?


Alan Wilkes

Yes, you can do this. Check the Steinberg site for details. Keep in mind if are not currently using a USB-eLicenser, you will need one for Artist or Pro.

Upgrades are also available, for example, through online retailers such as Sweetwater (in the US). The USB-eLicenser can be purchased from them as well.

Top Man, thanks for your help. I do already have a e-licenser on elements.


You’re welcome.

Hi, I have Elements 9 currently and I have purchased the upgrade for Artist 11 license. I have not USB-eLicenser (just have being using the elicenser software App for Elements 9). Problem is Im not able to Activate the new Artist 11 Upgrade does not … Instructions says : “Please install the software first. Then open the eLicenser Control Center (eLCC) which can be found in the “Program Files” (Windows) or “Applications” (Mac) folder. Click on the green “Enter Activation Code” button to enter or paste your code. A valid code entry automatically displays the license to be downloaded below.” … but According with the above answer I should be able by purchasing the USB-eLicenser ?? thanks in advance for replies…

You do need the USB-eLicenser for Artist.

First, you will need to transfer the Elements license from the Soft-eLicenser to the USB (a simple drag and drop from one to the other in the eLCC application).

Then your upgrade activation code should be accepted.