Upgrade from Cubase LE 4

Hello everybody,
I am considering to buy Cubase Elements 9. As I own Cubase LE 4 the questions are:

  1. Will €49.99 “Upgrade from Cubase LE, AI, Essential or Sequel” work for me?
  2. Do I have to install Cubase LE 4 prior to installation of CE9? I run on Windows 10, so this might be a problem. I have Cubase LE 4 registered in MySteinberg.
  3. Is there a way to return the software if something goes wrong?

Thank you for answers

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Hello and welcome,

Yes, that is the correct upgrade from Cubase LE 4. No, the older software does not need to be installed in order to install Cubase Elements 9, the LE 4 license however needs to be activated. You can review how to reactivate your license here:


I’m sorry but once the code has been activated we cannot accept the return. My suggestion is to wait for the Elements 9 trial to be available.

Thank you.

Thank you for quick answer :slight_smile:

Except it doesn’t always work as smoothly as Steinberg promise.

I also upgraded to Elements 9, which doesn’t work or even open properly. So I thought, no problem, I’ll just use the old software until this gets sorted out. But no, the old software’s license gets scrubbed from the eLicenser when you install the new software, which means you have NO usable software.

This is particularly awesome when you have projects due.

Currently now using trial software from a competitor as a stop gap measure whilst waiting for Steinberg Tech Support to answer the support request (this can take a while).

On the plus side, the trial version from the competitor is really good and performs flawlessly so far. Maybe I’ll just buy the full version.