Upgrade from Cubase LE 5 to Cubase LE 10 Problem

I have Cubase LE 5 installed and registered on my computer. Cubase LE 5 only comes in 32Bit. I found the Cubase LE 10 from 4/5/6 upgrade offer for 9.99 and bought it. Download it but when I proceed to install the Cubase 10 upgrade is only 64bit version so It will not upgrade the original Cubase LE 5 files which are installed in the Program Files (X86) Steinberg folder. What can I do? Please Help…

Hi and welcome,

None of updates replaces anything old. Updates just update the license, it means, you can use the new version. But the old application remains. After you install Cubase LE 10, you have both Cubase LE 5 and Cubase LE 10 on your system.