Upgrade from Cubase Pro 10 to Cubase Pro 10.5

I cannot find how I can update or upgrade or whatever to Pro 10.5.

Any help welcome. Thanks

In the online shop or at music retailers you generally only get the current version - i.e. you can currently buy Cubase 13, this also applies to updates.
If you want Cubase 10.5, you have to look around on the second hand market, where Cubase is often offered cheaply. You can also purchase a Cubase 11 license, which can also be used to open Cubase 10.5.

You can often find inexpensive offers here

If you purchase a 10 → 13 update, you will get 13 on the new Steinberg Licensing and your 10 license on the USB-eLicenser should be converted to a non-upgradeable 11 license. This will allow you to run 11 and earlier versions with your USB-eLicenser plugged in. Also, 13 and 12 will run dongle free on up to three computers at a time.

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Is it fair to assume that you think 10.5 was a free update for 10.0 users?

Unfortunately Steinberg in the past made the somewhat mystifying decision to treat .5 versions as paid upgrade, thus pretty much breaking a pretty universal understanding between software makers and users.

So 10.5 was just another paid upgrade.

Fortunately Steinberg has apparently stopped that confusing practice of theirs.


Very good point. I failed to consider that possibility. You are probably onto something there.

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We’re all trying to forget that particular episode in Steinberg’s history :wink:

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Thanks to all. I just thought that an upgrade from 10 to 10.5 should be cheap and would like to know the price and where I can buy it. From Steinberg, not second hand.

Again thank you all for your comments.

You’re welcome. Considering 10.5 is over 4 years old at this point, I don’t think you are going to find an available update path. Your best option is to wait for a promotional discount (historically during the Summer months) and update to 13.

Even at full price, I think the cost to update from 10 (or even back to 4!) is extremely fair …