Hi y’all

Did anyone upgrade from Cubase Pro 8 to Cubase Pro 10?
How worth it was it?
What are the main benefits in your opinion?
Did you notice if it does anything for the CPU performance?
Did any of you install it on OSX Lion (yeah I know… don’t dare upgrading cause I’m sacred it will fuck with the plugs etc)?

Thanks a lot


I would recommend to download Cubase Pro 10 Trial and try yourself. You will see how much of the new features you like and use.

I have tried to upgrade from 8.5 to 10
I paid for the special offer upgrade a few months ago, but only just getting round to installing.

BAD NEWS !.. because I took the grace-period upgrade to V 9,
it now prevents me from upgrading to 10!!
they are refunding my purchase, but it will cost me £50 more to get version 10 under the new pricing.
Steinberg are being very inflexible.
When I get my refund, I probably wont bother with the upgrade at all -
not feeling the love right now

While I understand your frustation it is not Steinbergs fault you bought the wrong upgrade and it is definitely not their fault you didn’t install it right away. However they could have just swapped out your upgrade license to the proper one.
Anyway, if you can wait until next summer, they usually discounts upgrades and updates for a whole month. Probably not with 50% off like this year, but maybe the usual 30% off or whatever it is.


Unfortunately this seems to be not possible technically. They always have to refund and you have to buy a new license.