Upgrade From Cubase SX 3


I am trying to find the cheapest path to upgrade my copy from SX 3 to 6. I rarely keep up with the next version and was surprised version 6 is already out. The only bummer I see is that going from SX 3 to 6 is $399 I believe. Does the “Cubase 6 Update from Cubase 4 or Cubase 5” for $149 still work with SX 3?

If not, might be better to continue to hold off and just catch the next version when the time comes as SX 3 still is rock solid for me and mainly do audio recording (granted that might obliterate any upgrade path). If nothing has changed in the “audio engine” department I guess I should be good. Just envious to see/play with some of the new stuff.



What country?

No, the discounted update is for v4 and 5 only, SX3 is 7 years old after all it is not fair to ask for the same update price as the people who are updating from a product bought last year or have paid an update price twice in the meantime.

The only thing I can think of is if you manage to get hold of an update to v5 from SX3, these are USD 199 RRP with some retailers selling them a bit lower you can then decide later on if you want to upgrade to v6 for USD 149 or skip it till v7 but you will have to hurry since they are getting thin on the ground.

But you really should consider an upgrade, SX3 and v6 are completely different beasts, night and day in some workflow and functionality aspects

Hi there Madethesame. I have an upgrade to Cubase 5 from SX3 that I had NEVER used. Original box, printed manual, original disks original VALID activation code :bulb:

Thank you all for the replies. The upgrade country is US.


Sounds like a good deal, please see my pm. Least that will bring me back into upgrade range.