Upgrade from cubasis 2 to cubasis 3

So many problems with this update. Midi clock out doesn’t even work.

I must say I’m completely fed up with this policy.
Not only that you have to buy the app again, you also have to pay again for the in-app-purchases you made in verson 2.
Means bye-bye for me.

Cheers, Guenne

@guenne you don’t need to pay again for in app purchases, see other threads on how to bring them over to Cubasis 3.

Personally I’m not bothered about the upgrade price, it could have been so much worse if they’d gone down the subscription route that so many software companies have. £50 each time there’s a major release seems like very good value to me. I’m much more concerned about the fact that there’s barely a single feature in Cubasis 3 that actually works. Fifty quid for pre-alpha quality software totally isn’t a good deal.

Got that after I posted, thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Mojoswifty,

Thank you for your message.

The MIDI clock issue is included in our known issues list, planned to be addressed in the next maintenance update:

Cubasis 3 is not sending MIDI Clock start/stop from the transport buttons.
No solution yet. Issue planned to be addressed in a future maintenance update.


Hi @guenne,

Problem solved, correct?


Hi all,

A bit confused here… i bought Cubasis on my wifes iPad about a year ago. (With her apple-id)
After that i have my own ipad and have activated ”family sharing” in App Store and downloaded Cubasis to my iPad. (Im using my own Apple-id) On my ipad i have bought some Cubasis IAP…

If i start Cubasis on her iPad i cant see that i have bought any IAP.
If i start Cubasis on my iPad i can see that i have bought the IAP but if i try to restore purchases it says that someone elses Apple-id was used to buy and i need to log in with that id…??

So any recomendation which apple-id to use when buying Cubasis 3 so that my bought IAP Will transfer???

Hans Borg

Hi Hans,

Please get in touch with Apple, if the problem persists.

In the meantime, please make sure to log-in with your App Store account at your wife’ iPad.
Once done, you should be able to install Cubasis 3 on that device.

Hope that helps!

Best wishes,

When is that update coming? I just bought Cubasis 3 and cannot use it because of the midi clock issues as well as A lack of transport send. Very frustrating

This is a disgrace. I spent 15 min looking around for the upgrade path because I didn’t think it was possible that they could behave so shamefully. I also just purchased Cubasis 2 in the fall and have not been able to use it much because the stupid iPad doesn’t have a headphone jack and when you add an adaptor you cant access the mic. So when I saw that it was updated for use on iPhone (and i have a shure MOTIV mic) I was pumped. Now I am bummed out and am looking for another program so that I can leave Steinberg and cease to support this faceless/heartless Coro-oration. I have been using Cubase for 15 years and this is the last straw.

Hi mhdpz,

As mentioned in several other threads, we are working on the maintenance update for quite some time.
The update is aimed to resolve many user-reported problems. We hope it won’t take too long to the release from here.

In case you want to give the release candidate a try, please get in touch with me via private message.


Hi MMoorman,

Thank you for your message.

The iOS app market works different, compared to the desktop world, and is fully managed by Apple.
While we’re able to offer separate update options for our desktop applications, none of this is available for iOS (except for a subscription model).

Cubasis 1 and Cubasis 2 have seen more than thirty updates including many feature additions between 2012 to 2019.
All of these updates have come free of charge for our existing customers.

Unfortunately, developing software does not come for free. In the case of Cubasis 3, the app has been developed from scratch, and took our full team several years in making. Cubasis 3 offers a brand new iPhone version, and comes with more than twenty user-requested features.

I hope for your understanding, that the app is currently sold at its regular price, after many years of free Cubasis updates.
Nevertheless, we will see what we can do in offering future promos.

Best wishes,

Hi Lars,
With all due respect, the “free updates” for years rap is total BS. And no one in their right mind thinks the UPGRADE should be free. And it is an upgrade. It is not an update, nor is it a brand new app.

It’s quite simple: Anyone that has purchased Cubasis 2, especially those that purchased it just outside of the Apple store refund window (myself included), feel totally dissed by not being offered an upgrade price. It’s the principal here. It’s not about the money. It’s $50, not $500. And if someone is saying, “I could afford this once but not twice” they’re fooling themselves. But to not offer it to preexisting users for $30 or even $40 is a bad move.I am often able to see and empathize with the other side, even if it is to my disadvantage. I cannot see any excuses for this business decision. And it seems to have left a lot of people with a valid sour taste in their mouth.

At least for now, I am going to hold out on the “upgrade”.


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Now they have an offer for us$ 40 , but never protected their customer base.
They could transferred mostly all user base if they offered the same discount 3 month ago.
Now it is too late.
Mostly because it is not an upgrade policy but a discount for everybody.
Their marketing was terrible.
I also bought FL studio mobile a year ago and not only have upgrades for life, but also a discount for buying the windows version. this is real marketing.

Not offering an upgrade discount from Cubasis 2 to 3 is completely woeful. I have loved and supported Cubase and Cubasis for years now and refused to move to other DAWs, (even when some others are more intuitive and simpler to use) out of pure brand loyalty, but not offering an upgrade discount is SOOO offensive to all Steinberg supporters. Lets be frank here, IT IS AN UPGRADE!! The layout and functionality are identical, this makes it an upgrade. If it was built from the “GROUND UP” as claimed, they would be differences, even if only cosmetic. The fact that they work exactly the same makes it an upgrade. The fact that you have called it CUBASIS 3, makes it an upgrade. If you built a complete new DAW from the ground up, then call it something different! Simple! But you wanted to cash in on the Cubasis name to make ripping off loyal users even easier. Steinberg have buried themselves with their own admissions, the fact that it “comes with more than twenty user-requested features” means it is an upgrade! To take an existing platform and put customer requested features in it, means (by definition) that it is an upgrade!
MMoorman is correct, it’s not about the money, it is the principle.
In an over saturated market where many brands are offering almost identical products, the only thing that differentiates the products/companies is the way that the company treats their customers. This is SO disgusting Steinberg, an obvious grab for cash.
After years of defending Steinberg to ALL of my recording/engineering colleagues you have finally performed such a dastardly act that it cannot be defended. Whosever decision this was at Steinberg, needs to be sacked. You’ve made a Terrible choice and I am so bitterly disappointed.

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Hi alfredogarciaw,

Thank you for your message.

Please have a look at our dedicated Cubasis Sales Statement:

Stay healthy
& best wishes,

Cubasis 2 is great, may be the best daw for iOS.
Can’t understand their failed strategy to transfer the more than thousand user base to version 3.

Hello all:

New member here from Spain. :smiley:

I just joined the forum to say that, as an existing Cubasis 2 user, I will not buy Cubasis 3 (not even at Black Friday’s prices).

I think that it is unfair that there is no UPDATE discount for all of us.

Steinberg: there are other iOS DAWs out there, some of your Cubasis 2 users will be lost by your (no) update policy.

And this comes from an owner of Cubase Pro 10.5, Absolute 4, etc.

This is, in my opinion, a bad marketing strategy. :unamused:



Hi V,

Thank you for your message.

Unfortunately Apple does not offer any upgrade options similar to what we do in our desktop software world.
Please note that we’ve released a full article about the topic, which you can find right here: Cubasis 3 Sale statement


Lars, I get the impression you believe in the philosophy of “pull the wool over their eyes”. In other words “if you keep declaring that this cat is dog, eventually everyone will believe that the cat is a dog”. Nice way for Steinberg to charge higher prices for the dog gear.