Upgrade from cubasis 2 to cubasis 3

Will there be an option to upgrade
from Cubasis 2 to Cubasis 3 in the future,
maybe half price ?.

If not, that’s ok with me!

Hi henrikmusic,

Thank you for your message.

Cubasis has seen more than thirty free upgrades since its introduction back in Dec 2012.

Cubasis 3 was rewritten from scratch, adds an iPhone version as well as more than twenty user-requested features.
In other words, Cubasis 3 is not an update, but a brand-new app, which has bee designed, developed and tested by the full Cubasis team for several years.

At this moment, there are no upgrade offers available, since Apple does not have comparable options available in the desktop world (such as a grace period or similar).

Hope that helps,

Lars, this is how you do upgrade pricing on the App Store…


Put the old app and the new app in a bundle, set the “Complete My Bundle” price for customers who have the old app, that price is your customers’ upgrade path.

I think the point here is that they don’t want to offer an upgrade path. They feel this is a net-new product, and as such, we should pay again.

Sorry, but I won’t be paying again for what I already paid for. The only thing this version really offers above what I already have is folder management, and I was asking for that years ago.

I’m not ready to make that assumption just yet. Lars is the product manager for Cubasis and said…

“At this moment, there are no upgrade offers available, since Apple does not have comparable options available in the desktop world (such as a grace period or similar).”

Maybe it is not common knowledge about this bundle upgrade practice in the App Store yet. I have only seen a few audio developers use this method to date. I think Cubasis is a great product and I want to see it be successful. All over the Internet today I see lots of angry comments about the lack of Cubasis upgrade options. I would rather encourage a better way to do things than to simply make assumptions and complain.

While the new version looks great and may have been rewritten, it is as upgrade as it is essentially our favorite desktop DAW on the iPad going from version 2 to 3. When Cubase desktop went from Audio to VST to SX to Pro, etc. there were lots of rewrites, but weren’t treated as new versions that the customer base couldn’t upgrade to.

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Personally, I just purchased Cubasis 2 in August and have received no updates, as was the case Lars made in general, but that doesn’t apply to a recent purchase of Cubasis 2. I wish I had waited a little longer, but apparently that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Aside from that, I am glad to see further development for it. The latest iPad Pro has few apps to push the power at all in them. This is one app that does take advantage of that.

Hi gmontano,

Thank you for your message.

Cubasis 3 was rewritten from scratch, and adds a new iPhone version as well as more than twenty user-requested features.
It is no update of a previous Cubasis version. Instead, it is a brand-new app development.


So I bought Cubasis 2.8 only a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t get any ‘free’ updates at all.

Now I’m faced with a EUR 50 cost to upgrade, and there is no discount for upgrading? I’ve wasted quite bit of money on version 2 :frowning:

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Hopefully Steinberg will reconsider this. Like I mentioned when Cubase Desktop was a rewrite to SX version etc or released a PC version there was always an upgrade path. It is cleared called Cubasis 3. So to say that this isn’t the next version after Cubasis 2 is puzzling.

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It could be much worse, Steinberg could have choosen subscription plan for Cubasis 3, which i am glad they didnt do, pew.

I once bought an app on appstore, cant remember the name, but eventually that app was remade and sold as a new version, which i had to pay for the new app, the old app was deleted from the appstore!
I was really mad about this.
What i am trying to say is, its not common practice to
create an new version of an app, then charge for the new app with no upgrade, but then again, it has been seen more than just a few times!
Atleast we can buy Cubasis 3 without any subscription.
As soon as i see any app with subscription, i am so gone!
No way i am gonna pay any subscription!.
Auria has upgrade in their apps, so you only pay, if i can remember , half price.
Anyway, it dosent matter, i am ok with paying full price
for the new Cubasis 3, because i just bought the new
Ipad pro 11" 256gb.

Hi Steinberg,

it is not OK to pay the whole price for an upgrade from Cubasis 2. If you developing a whole new application that is nice but it is the same product.
If you go this way then this is definitiv wrong.

I am using Cubase 10.5, Wavelab 10 and Cubasis 2.8.2 but i will never upgrade Cubasis 3 for full pricing. That’s fact.

Why you developing Cubase 12 not complete new. Than all users can upgrade the new product 4 the full pricing.
Why Steinberg does so bad things? I can’t believe this…

sorry, no more words…

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worked fine here later that evening, problem solved…

King is naked.

Hi MichaelR,

App purchases are handled by Apple.
If you’ve just purchased Cubasis 2, you might be able to ask Apple for a refund.

Hope that helps.


No Lars, That doesn’t help…
You just frustrated a lot of recent buyers of Cubasis 2 with your unfair and stubborn policy. And you frustrate us even more with your refusal to give a serious reply in stead of just copying and pasting your bullshit about “building it from scratch and over 30+ free updates…” I bought Cubasis 2 only 3 weeks ago and it’s already outdated… Is there no way you can understand how being mislead and cheated we are feeling? I’m sorry but I hope for some bad reviews in the AppStore…

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THERE IS AN UPGRADE PATH that could be offered

Steinberg could email current Cubasis 2 users a redemption code for the App Store
Problem solved (if Steinberg really cared)

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So based on this, we should all be aware we will have to pay full price again when cubasis 4 comes out, then again 5, then again 6. I wonder how many times people will put up with this.

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So if they don’t fix all the bugs in this version they can just change it name to Cubasis 4 and you be stuck with an unfinnished product and have to pay again to get the next set of bug fixes plus they will throw in a few extra bugs to keep the process going on… and on…

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