Upgrade From CueBase LE 4 to Newer Version

Is there a way to upgrade CueBase LE 4 to the latest version, which I am assuming is 6? Is this possible without purchasing more software? Also, is there a discount for upgrading to either the latest version of LE or any of the other CueBase products above the LE level, like CueBase Artist or Elements for example. I am using an iMac with Power PC processor and running Mac OS 10.7.4 Lion.

What are the primary benefits of upgrading to a later version of LE and what are the advantages of upgrading to a version beyond the LE level, i.e., Artist or Elements?


You can find out all of this for yourself by going to the online shop.

Check the feature comparisons for Cubase 6 versions here: Click.

You can’t upgrade to a LE license, LE versions are not for sale. You can upgrade from your LE license to a higher version though, like Cubase Artist 6.5. Yes there is a discout when upgrading, as opposed to buying a new license. How much that is depends on what you’re upgrading to. Compare the prices in the store.

Hi I currently have LE4 and am looking to upgrade to full version Cubase 7 - are there compatibility issues or any other pitfalls I need to be aware of? I.e. if I upgrade, can I expect all my existing projects to simply open up and work without any difficulty? If not, then any advice on what to do/not to do would be greatly appreciated.
Obviously I know its less likely to work the other way round (but why would I want to do that, he says hopefully).
I’m a newbee to all this so please go easy on me! cheers :smiley:

You should be good as long as you make sure all of your third party plugins scan correctly in Cubase 7. Otherwise, plugins used in LE4 projects will be disabled when opened in v7.

thanks for that - I’ve not used much in the way of plug-ins yet so should be ok then. Upgrade is on its way to me now yay