Upgrade from Elements 6 to Artist 10.5


I am trying to upgrade my Cubase from Elements 6 to 10.5 Artist. I received the eLicenser through the mail and the activation code in my email, however when entering the code, the Control Center tells me:

“The license upgrade you are about to perform will work only for licenses which reside on the USB-eLicenser. Currently, the license eligible for this license upgrade process resides on the Soft-Licenser. Please transfer the license you want to upgrade from the Soft-eLicenser (using drag-n-drop in the main window). then try the license upgrade process again”.

I am not sure where the “Soft-elicenser” is and how to go about doing this.

I also read the Cubase 10.5 needs Windows 7 or higher to work. I figured I needed to update my Windows too so I scanned for updates and there are 3 essential updates I need but they keep failing. So I thought maybe I should just update to Windows 10 but I’m told if I do this, it’ll clean my computer clean. Will I be able to recover my Cubase material/files and do the upgrade safely if I do this?

Sorry for all these noob questions, I obviously know nothing of computers and just want to upgrade to Cubase 10.5 :cry:

My computer: Dell XPS 8300
Windows 7 Home Premium
64-bit operating system

The soft eLicenser can be accessed via the „eLicenser control center“ and then clicking on „soft eLicenser“ then drag the Cubase Elements license to the „USB eLicenser“ (which only shows when the USB eLicenser is inserted into a USB port of your computer.)

Cubase 10.5 is only supported on Windows 10, not „Windows 7 or higher“.
If your computer will be „cleaned“ depends on what Windows 10 installation you do. Update- or clean installation. If you will be able to recover your Cubase files depends on if you back up all necessary files.

This helped me and I successfully upgraded Cubase. Thank you very much! I appreciate it.