Upgrade from Essential 5 - USB-licenser required?


I’m thinking of buying Cubase Elements 10.5. I’m aware that this does not require a USB-license.

However I wish to upgrade from Cubase Essential 5 which did have a USB-license, which I’ve since lost. And while the activation code is still within my Steinberg account, without the USB dongle I cannot run the software.

How does this affect my ability to purchase an upgrade version of Cubase Elements 10.5? Does it require the original USB to validate my upgrade? Or will the information within my Steinberg account be sufficient.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi and welcome,

If you lost your USB-eLicenser, get in contact with your local distributor/technical support. Fill in the form about the USB-eLicenser lost and you will get a replacement Activation Code. You will activate your Cubase Essential 5 to the new USB-eLicensr (you will buy). Then you can upgrade this license to Cubase Elements 10.5.

Thanks for the reply.