Upgrade from LE AI

Hi all,

I have 1 LE5 and 2 AI5 already register in mysteinberg account. But it was de-actived from my old computer since I had Pro 10 and re-installed the OS many times.
Can I purchase for some Upgrade to Pro 10 and use them after trying to re-active them?

Thank you, this method is even safe more so I think It’s worth to ask.

Good day Family.


If the licenses are still present in your MySteinberg account, you can use them as an update basis. Then you just have to reactivate them to the computer, where do you want to update the license.

Be aware, at this moment is cheaper to buy a new Cubase 10 Pro license (then this kind of update), thanks to the 50% off promo action.

Thank Martin,
I already purchased 2 Cubase 10 Full with half price as you mentioned.
But today I realize Steinberg also announced half price Upgrade, this mean my AI can be upgraded to Pro 10 with about 225 EUR, so even cheaper.
I have 3 licenses of AI and LE (I am a big fan of Yamaha Steinberg). So that’s mean I can purchase for 3 more Cubase Pro with a very cheap price, am I right?
If so I can help my students and friends a lot.
Thank you for your great answer again.

Wish you all the best!!!


You are right, even the updates and upgrades are included in the price reduction now.

I´ve seen many posts about upgrades now being part of the offer, but I can´t see any information about that on the promotion page nor have I received any e-mail with an offer. Where do I get the offer?


Probably the refresh issue. If you go to the shop, you will see the reduction prices there.