Upgrade from LE to PRO not visible in mySteinberg

I have recently bought an upgrade from my 9.5 LE version to 10 PRO version. Today, I have used my activation code i received via email and i see there is a license for Cubase Pro 10 in my eLicencer control center. It was required to transfer my LE soft licence to usb eLicencer which i did with no problems. After that, i have registered all my licences from the eLicencer control center. Only after that i did actually install the Cubase itself which i downloaded using the download center. I have used the full instalation which went pretty fast, considering it was ~21GB.
The Cubase Pro 10 starts and seems to be working fine, i have yet to test it more.
However, each time i start cubase, i am prompted to perform registration. If i perform that step, data is submitted but it just tries to add my two existing eLicenser. One soft licenser which is now empty because i have transferred the LE license to the usb eLicenser. The other one is my new eLicenser.
Furthermore, in mySteinberg i can only see the LE version on my usb eLicencer, with the activation date in the past. Under myProducts i can also only se the LE version, as well as in myDownloads and so on… If i try to register directly in mySteinber using my already used activation code, i get an error saying the activation code was not found.

Could you please tell me if i am missing anything here? Should i be able to see my newly purchased PRO version under mySteiberg?

Seems I am not the only one with this problem, this article has just been published, which exactly describes my issue…


Steinberg had already acknowledged this as a problem in the forum, though it is good to see the article confirming the issue.

It is important to register any USB eLicenser containing a licence, as that entitles you to support and to a zero downtime replacement of the licences if the eLicenser is lost, stolen or malfunctions (you are responsible for obtaining a new USB eLicenser if one is required). At the moment, the display of licences on your registered eLicensers is not necessarily correct, but Steinberg have assured everyone that the activation server contains the correct data.

Once you have registered your eLicenser, you can click the ‘Already registered’ button to get rid of the reminder when starting Cubase.

Your USB eLicenser should just contain a Cubase Pro licence. The Cubase LE licence you transferred to the USB eLicenser as part of the upgrade was replaced by the Cubase Pro licence when you applied the upgrade activation code.

Thanks for the reply. Please note, licence seems correct in the local eLicencer control center. I can only see the pro version there. The problem seems to be between licence server and the mySteinberg portal, not the licence server and my local licence control center app. Only in mySteinberg portal i see the outdated LE version licence.
The way i understood the article i posted in my previous reply is that nothing needs to be done from my side and i would be able to see correct info in mySteinberg portal once they fix the issue on their side.
Anyway, i’d much rather avoid any hassle with the licences, if possible, which is the main reason why i am posting here in the first place.

The issue is now solved. My Steinberg should resynchronise over the next few hours and all new licences should display then.

I have a new licence for another Steinberg product (not Cubase) that has yet to display in My Steinberg. I expect by some time tomorrow that all will be well.