Upgrade from LE

I’m a bit confused today. I have Wavelab LE 9.5. From the Help menu I hit “Buy Wavelab Elements Upgrade now” and it took me to the page where I can buy upgrade to Wavelab Elements 9.5. It costs 29.99 euros.

If I go to Steinberg.net page and hit upgrade to Wavelab Elements 10, I have option to upgrade from Wavelab LE 10, 9, 8, 7 for 34.99 EUR (but there is no 9.5, is 9.5 the same as 9 at this point?)

Maybe I should upgrade to Elements 9.5 for 29.99 EUR and then from Elements 9.5 to Elements 10 for 24.99 EUR?

Question is - should I pay 34.99 or 29.99+24.99 ??

You can upgrade for 35 from your LE 9.5.
Does not matter what LE version you have unless it’s at least 7.