Upgrade from WaveLab 11 LE to WaveCast

I wanted to upgrade my WaveLab 11 LE licence to WaveCast. WaveLab 11 LE is from my Zoom H1n device, so I registered and downloaded it. After installation it should activate on eLicenser (I suppose), but did not, however it run properly, and work properly.
I bought upgrade to WaveCast:

but I cannot activate this upgrade because there is no “upgradeable” license on my eLicenser :frowning: Should I do something else? How to transfer my LE license to eLicenser? Of course, I’m not able to write some message to Steinberg support, because there is no support :frowning:
Maybe someone knows something?

Please take a screenshot of your eLicenser Control Center (with the serial numbers hidden) and Steinberg Activation Manager.

Here is my eLicenser:

And here is my Activation Manager:

You purchased the wrong upgrade. You should have picked the upgrade from Wavelab LE 11.1.

Please contact Steinberg Shop Support for a refund.

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Really I need to change my upgrade from 11 LE to 11.1 LE? :open_mouth: Licence for 11.1 is not valid for 11?

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