Upgrade Groove Agent SE to Groove Agent 5

Is it possible to upgrade Groove Agent SE to Groove Agent 5? Or do I need to buy the full version? Running Cubase 11Pro.

Buy the full version. I just did and what I don’t know is if I should uninstall Groove Agent SE 5 and Groove Agent SE 5 content before installing Groove Agent 5… (I have SE installed with Cubase Artist 11).

@Frank_Gustafsson Full version. Groove Agent SE is the included content and plugin when you buy Cubase. The regular Groove Agent has more abilities and content, which is what you pay for.

@Patozzi no uninstall is needed.

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Ok. Then I will buy it. Good thinking of the uninstalling. Great to hear.

You can demo it for 30 days too:-

But just be aware that it’s on offer until 4th of Feb

So I have until even tomorrow or does the offer runs out after 12 o,clock tonight?

I’d say you have until tomorrow, yes. Or they would’ve stated “Before”.

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Anyone using Groove Agent 5 with Windows 11? Product specs up to Windows 10 only.

Yup, Not experienced any issues.