Upgrade Halion 6 to Absolute 3


how can I upgrade from Halion 6 to Absolute 3?
I see only a crossgrade price offer from Halion 6 to Absolute 3 for € 349, but I´ve already paid exactly the same for Halion 6 only. The price for Absolute 3 is € 499, so the upgrade price should be € 150, or am I missing something?

6 weeks later and not a single reply from Steinberg staff…

How customer-unfriendly and unprofessional this company has become, I can´t believe it.

The forums are primarily for users to help other users. This is also in the wrong section for this kind of question.

If you’re looking for a reply, contact support directly through your MySteinberg or post on the Presales section.


Absolute is like a sales promotion bundle. If you decide to buy the full Steinberg VSTi catalogue, you’ll will save about 50% on the retail price.

If you purchase HALion and then decide to upgrade to Absolute, you will “only” get the 50% rebate on the remaining products. Groove Agent, The Grand, HALion Symphonic Orchestra and the rest add up to about € 719. Hence the crossgrade is priced at € 350.

I think that made sense for Halion 5 to Absolute 2 upgrades, but not so much now. I would strongly recommend lowering the price of the H6 to A3 upgrade to avoid the possibility of anyone thinking that they’re being ripped off like the original poster.

Sorry, but this doesn´t make any sense at all.
You say, I really have to pay another € 349 to upgrade to Absolute (which contains Halion 6!), even though I recently purchased Halion 6 for € 349 ???

Wow! Congratulations for loosing another longtime customer with several licenses.

As this is a cross-grade, you can sell you Halion 6 afterwards (if you have a spare elicencer), so it gets a little bit cheaper.

No, you couldn’t since the license will be changed and you will only have the Absolute license afterwards.

But you could sell your HALion 6 license before and then purchase Absolute 3.

I am sorry that you feel that way. We are communicating our prices as transparent as possible and “ripping customers off” is not our business practice. You have already purchased HALion and now you want to purchase Groove Agent, The Grand, HALion Symphonic Orchestra and some more products. With the Absolute crossgrade we are offering you 50% rebate on the retail prices of these products if you purchase all at once. If you would have decided to buy Absolute 3 including HALion 6 all together at once instead of just HALion 6, you would have saved even more. We do not withhold this information. All prices can be found on our website.

I can totally understand that the crossgrade price seems to be quite high since the crossgrade + H6 costs more than Absolute 3, but that is the deal we are offering and a 50% rebate still does not sound too bad, does it?