Upgrade Installation

I am currently limited to working on my laptop only while my desktop is in temporary storage during a cross-country move.

I have Dorico 1.2 installed on my desktop, but not on my laptop. I have purchased the version 2 upgrade.

Do I need to install 1.2 first and then the 2 upgrade, or can I just do a full install of version 2?

It’s a separate application so you don’t need to install 1.2 first. If however you’ve already installed the HSO sounds for 1.2 then you don’t need to install them again. You should install the version 3 HSSE though.

Thanks, Paul.
Okay, here’s what I’m running into. Apparently my Dorico 1.2 license was on a soft licenser on my desktop, to which I currently have no access. So my activation code is recognized, but when asked to point to the qualifying license for the upgrade I have nothing to point to on this machine.

I’ll send you a private message, DaddyO.

Thanks, Daniel.