Upgrade N3 to N6.5 without NEK

Do I need NEK to do music production? I have collected a ton of VSTs and music production Plug-ins over the years. I would like to upgrade from N3 to N6.5 and the only option shown on the upgrade page is upgrade to N6.5 with NEK. As long as N6.5 still has basic midi like N3 does I don’t need what NEK has to offer just yet. Can I upgrade from N3 to N6.5 without NEK?


it’s only possible to update from 3 to 6.5 “with” NEK, else you would loose some vital music
production functions such as the score editor etc.


I use Nuendo mainly for Post. The music I record is mainly live instruments and a little midi. I don’t use score or any of the advanced midi functions. It makes the upgrade very costly to include NEK considering I wont be using most of what NEK has to offer.