Upgrade nag screen is annoying

Why do I have to be nagged EVERY DAY to upgrade? I chose and paid for one of your products, I should be left in peace to use it. How can I stop this nag screen?

Pretty sure there is no daily (or weekly, monthly whatever) nag sceen for any paid products.

It would obviously help if you told us ANYTHING about what it was you paid for and what you’re being nagged about.

Oh yeah, I must me making it up! Thanks for pointing that out.
No need to capitalize - I did tell you SOMETHING, if not what you needed.
It was bundled with a UR242, LE AI Elements 8, and I paid for it. As I said, it’s nagging me to upgrade once a day to Elements.

There you go, turns out it’s not only once a day - just opened up and got it a second time today.
nag screen.jpg

Oh yeah, I must me making it up! Thanks for pointing that out.

I’m not suggesting that you made it up, I am pointing out that it is not normal behaviour.
I see no upgrade nags on my laptop that has LE installed.

Maybe there is a permissions issue so Cubase thinks this is first opening every time. If you make a change in preferences does it stick after restart.

Ok, thanks, I see what you’re getting at. Yes, changes made in preferences do stick.
Anyway, it’s not every time I open it. It seems to be once a day, which I guess works out as about every fourth time. Do you reckon reinstalling might help?

I’d say very unlikely.

You haven’t mentioned what o/s but if W10 particularly, I would try running as administrator and then closing to see if t clears anything.

Other than this, you’ll probably have to contact support through your MySteinberg account and ask them how to stop it. I can’t believe it’s intended to launch every day, as you say this would get annoying.

Just tried it running as admin on W10, but the nag screen persists after a few times of opening.
Ok, thanks. I’ll try support.