Upgrade options

Hi guys. I’m currently using Cubase elements 10 on a mac. And so pleased I’m about to take the plunge and purchase Pro 10.

Ive come across a chap selling a licence for pro at a reasonable price. However his version held on a USB key is for windows.

Am i correct in thinking if i purchase his licence he just has to deactivate his licence in the elicencer software. Then i download the trial version and request new activation codes?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.



Many thanks peake. I’m assuming tho his version is registered to a PC theres no issue transferring the licence to a mac based system?

As long as you know how to insert a USB key into a Mac, there shouldn’t.

Thanks svennilenni…
Just googled how too. …

Doesn’t seem so difficult…

No, the license is not registered to a PC (or a Mac), it belongs to the dongle holding it. Plug that into a PC Cubase will work on that PC. Move it to a Mac and now you can run Cubase on the Mac.

Many thanks raino . Thats,reassuring advice.