Upgrade or Trial and (options)

Hi all, I have Cubase LE AI 9 (looking to upgrade to elements 11) however in need of a fast response to this or a couple of questions regarding the options available.

  1. If a trial is tested (do I in deed have to de-install (or rein-install the cubase 9 version at any point / during trial)
  2. If I upgrade (if there is an issue with the performance of the program and I find it to cause issues, then can I go back to my program I currently have (Cubase LE AI 9) (or not?) Kind regards (anybody with help) Adrian

Man the upgrade is a big step up. It’s def worth it. You won’t be sorry.

Thanks, I gather it is, but I have been anticipating it for a long time, just wanting to check on couple of these procedural aspects. I kind of feel what’s the point in the trial seeming as I am bound to be on the upgrade. It’s just I have a bit of issues with audio drop outs, and also inability to load multiple projects at the one time, resulting in having to close down the project before I load any more, beforehand I used to be able to have multiple projects loaded. The audio drop out thing is annoying but I gather the download of the latest Yamaha Driver 2.04.4 may sort some of that out. Take care (anyone else…thanks

Yep looks like the driver update certainly may have helped as it is not audio dropping out any more, not for the few small tests I have done thus far.

There shouldn’t ne any issues with the core program. HOWEVER, as of Cubase 10 I seem to remember some folks having issues with some of the new versions of plugins overwriting the old and hence leaving them without after the trial ended… Groove Agent SE5 replacing SE4 was the one I remember. I assume it is solvable but it’s the sort of annoying problem that they should at least let us know about.

I suppose a lot of the time it comes down to the individual computers ability to handle multiple disk scanning etc to be able to ensure the program remains stable. I was going ok until I had lots of plug ins in my templates as I had created so many variations of templates gradually expanding and getting bigger and bigger until I have reached a point where I now I going to have to ensure that only the fx chain paths are active and loaded in the one channel (say a group channel , or one audio track for instance ) to reduce CPU load. however once the project is loaded and and being worked on of course then load as many as wanted, it is more of a case of how much am I saving rather than working on in the moment. However I could be wrong in the future, so I don’t want to jinx myself. Again I think it is like this with many things these days, the better the compatible hardware on the computer the more likely the stability. I guess.

By the Way planarchist I know I did not actually respond in specific reference to your details of the reply, so I am sorry about that, sometimes I am off in my own little head thinking about the biggest things going on in my world. Now that I see what you are referring to that being ‘overwriting of old plug ins’ that does seem strange, I would imagine that the newer version such as Groove Agent SE 5 as opposed to 4 would normally contain the essentials of what Groove Agent 4 contained, however I could be wrong without investigating. Otherwise to loose a plug in (like that) where if they are different and there is no real programming requirement to have the earlier plug in removed I guess that would give people a fright. I know it would me. To be honest I am not mucking around too much with Groove agent. I myself use Halion Sonic more for instrument tracks. I really wish Cubase would make the key options for the Kick function in the general Rock Drum kits to have two side by side that way being able to record double bass drums would be easy using a midi keyboard. As from what I am seeing often there is only one, or each kick if near each other is slightly different in tone. The key here is to have them side by side so it is easy to produce real time drumming using a midi keyboard. I know of (or have even experimented with trying to assign the controls to change the key itself to ensure the other kick drum is programmed next to the other but I must have gave up too soon. Anyway…till next time.