Upgrade path rip off

Having been a user for close to 25 years, I was extremely disappointed that after upgrading to 10.5 from 7.5 on the 22nd September 2020 at the cost of £171, the latest 11 is released around 30 days later, No grace period discount, Steinberg want an additional £85 for the upgrade, I see absolutlely no logic in this, If i had waited 30 days & upgraded to 11 from 7.5 it would only cost £136, I have clearly been taken advantage of for being loyal, My total cost for doing this is £256, Thats almost double someone that didn’t use the upgrade path. I asked the support question over 30 days looking for an explanation for this situation & have been ignored. Disrespectful to say the least. 10.5 doesn’t even have full functionality, timewarping & many other features are bug ridden, I am considering selling my license as the treatment from Steinberg has been disrespectful over this, I checked eBay to see what the license is worth on the second hand market & was very dispointed to find the software is only valued at £230! Thats less than what i would have to pay in total to go up to 11. Hmmmm

I would really appreciate some communication & a transparent explanation on this matter. Thanks

There was a grace period - it seems you weren’t in it. There has to be a cut-off date somewhere.
I can see that would be annoying, but you haven’t been ripped off or taken advantage of . You got what you paid for ?

Any company that has a grace period will draw the line somewhere. Anyone who buys right before the deadline is in your situation. How could they possibly avoid that if they have a grace period?

Sometimes I think that (some) people would actually be happier if things like grace periods didn’t exist at all and everyone had to pay more.

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25 years and you don’t know how the release cycle and grace period works. I’d do my homework next time.