Upgrade path to latest version

I purchased Cubase Studio 4 when it was the latest release. Used it for a few years then packed it away for about 6 years. I’d like to start recording again and upgrade my Cubase to a supported version. Is there an upgrade path or does anyone have any advice on what’s the best way to do this? Can the old projects be imported into a newer version?

Thanks for any advice you can give.

Click the steinberg Logo above, on the pop up site click „shop“ and select the desired version.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve done as suggested and can now see where and how to get the upgrade. I have a few more questions about it.

Is it backwards compatible so that all projects made in Cubase Studio 4 can be imported into Cubase Artist 10 and edited with full functionality?

  • I see a project version compatibility chart on the site but it only goes up to version 8

Do i need the original media in order to install the upgrade on a new Mac (it’s currently installed on an old PC)?

It seems my existing usb license key may need to be upgraded. Does that sound right?

Thanks again for any assistance!

Since Cubase 10 is 64 Bit only) - No

No you don´t


Thank you for your answers svennilenni… if you don’t mind, a couple more…

Would I be able to run Cubase 4 and Cubase 10 on the same Mac computer?

Other than vst plugins is there any reason the Cubase Studio 4 projects files wouldn’t be usable in Cubase 10?