Upgrade Problem from LE5 to Full 6 Cubase Help!!

I recently bought the full version of Cubase 6. I currently have Cubase LE5. I installed Cubase 6, enter the activation code into the Elicenser, and it says Cubase 6 upgrade " please select license to upgrade, But there is a red circle with an slash going through my LE5 license. It wont let me select the LE5 to upgrade. I’ve tried just about everything from reinstall, maintenance on the elicense, clean up elicense, but same results. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello ,
Do you definitely have the version that upgrades from LE5 ?
( There are seven different upgrade versions in the Steinberg Shop :
http://www.steinberg.net/en/shop/buy_product/product/cubase-6.html )

  • Just checking :slight_smile:

You will also need the latest version of the elicenser software for it to recognise the update.

Thanks guys. Yes on the box it says upgrade from: and gives a list of versions. LE5 is on there. I have LE5. So frustrating. I even asked Steinberg support which one to buy, and they sent me the link via email. I also have the latest version of the Elicense. I put a form in to support so hopefully they get back today because I want to use it this weekend.

Did a Dongle come with the box? C6, unlike LE5, requires a physical USB Key.

No what is it and how come they didn’t give me one?


It’s a USB device that holds the license. They stopped shipping them with the software so you have to purchase it seperately. It says so at the store, IIRC.

How dumb. Why would they sell it and not let me know I need that or why wouldnt they give me one? Lame!

It’s upgrades that don’t contain them anymore. The full version does.

Anyways thanks guys.

I too have purchased the upgrade to Cubase 6 from LE5. I did order the USB e-licenser and downloaded the latest e-licenser software and still at this point can not get it to allow me to select LE5 for the upgrade. Support told me I could download the license to the USB e-licenser but how is that done if I can’t even select the upgrade? What do I do? Thanks for helping out… :slight_smile: Gary

Ok support helped me out and I’ll put the solution here in case someone else needs this. You must first click and drag the old license onto the usb e-licenser within the e-licenser control panel, THEN you will be able to update your license. :slight_smile: It would be a great thing if Steinberg would place this next to the activation code on that comes with the upgrade :slight_smile: Problem solved :slight_smile: Gary

grpetz: The Full version of Cubase 6 is the way to go.
Mine came with the Dongle.
Yea the Dongle allows me to use Cubase 6
and Cubase Le4 on the same License.
Just hope the Dongle doesn’t break,
or I lose it. :frowning:

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’m happy that it is working :slight_smile: Enjoying the wonderful program. It’s no biggy for the USB e-licenser … Just couldn’t figure out that I had to drag and drop it onto the USB within the e-licenser software before I tried to apply the upgrade license. Have a super day everyone :slight_smile: Gary