upgrade problems - External Gear HELP!

Hi folks,

upgraded yesterday… feels zippier though many crashes on rendering last night…this morning the External Gear plugin blocks the rendering. If i remove it it renders if active in master section rendering doenst work stops after 0.1s… anyone experiencing anything similar? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


I have a feeling that if you posted the crash reports that can be found on your computer, PG would be able to look at them and determine the cause. Hopefully it is something that can easily be solved on your end and not something that needs another maintenance update.

Ok thanks Justin for chiming in!
not sure where to get the crash reports for WL… should i post here?
However, the problem with Eternal Gear plugin doesnt cause crashes, its just doesnt work as expected…

I can’t speak for windows but for Mac, the crash reports can be found here:


You should see some crash dumps with WaveLab in the name. Be sure to post some related to the crashes you want to investigate.

Maybe a screen recording of the master section behavior and workflow would be helpful to see.