upgrade question

Hi, I have C6.5.1 64 bit on W7 and I would like to use C6.5.1 32 bit also, My Cubase installation disc is C6, which I installed then bought the upgrade to 6.5.1, my question is how do I upgrade my C6 32 bit ti C6.5.1…or is this not possible ?, cheers, Kevin

If you have 6.5, then the disk is of no importance. The license should be enough to have 32- and 64-bit on the same PC. I think you should run the 6.5 installer and it should give you a choice to update the 32-bit version…

Yep…You need to run your 6.5 installer and will be given the option of 32 or 64bit.
If you didn’t keep your installer you’ll have to download the 6.5 trial version which is the same apart from the licence.

Then install the 6.5.1 update which you can get here:

thank you…I’ll give it a go…Kevin

Yep…that worked, thanks again…Kevin