Upgrade question?

Hi all, first post here and perhaps an obvious question but i cannot find the answer by searching the forum or using google, well not definite enough.

My question is:
I have a Cubase 12 Elements license. I am thinking about upgrading to 13 Artist. When i do this and activate and install 13 Artist, will i still be able to use Elements12?

The why is:
I bought a new computer and all my music is on the old one with Elements 12.
Newer faster computer for the future and want 13 on that one. I understand i can open de 12 files in 13 so that is no issue. But it simply would be nice if Elements 12 is still available for use if i want to.

Thanks in advance!


Yes, with Cubase Artist 13 license, you can start Cubase Elements 12 application. Or you can install Cubase Artist 13 to both machines.

With the new Steinberg Licensing System, you can use up to 3 seats (computers) at the same time.

Thanks Martin, for your reply.
I hoped this was true and you confirmed :blush:

Grts, Peter.

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