Upgrade Studio 4.5 to Cubase 7


Does any one know if upgrade from Studio 4.5.2 with instrument expansion sets to Cubase 7,
all instruments and settings are kept, so that earlier projects sound exactly the same in Cubase 7 as they did in Studio 4?

Thanks in advance.



Instrument expansion sets are kept discreetly in your license so they will be there after the upgrade. The project settings are song protocol so they will be kept with your song. Cubase settings will be at the mercy of the default settings of Cubase 7.
I would believe you could make a copy of your preferences and apply them to C7 so that the Cubase settings remain.
That is of course, if they share the same protocol.
As far as C7 instrumentation, you should check that out on Steinberg’s site and make the comparison to your C4 instrumentation.

If you install C7 without a previous C4 installation, HalionOne is a separate manual installation.

Ha, so in fact the C4 Halion One and Prologue synths with instrument expansion pack will be kept as VST plugins!?
Which would be great, some created sound are irreplacable. Song structures (protocol identical), automation (protocol identical) and perhaps effects, if modules are the same, are as well will be kept.

Thanks for the replies!

Hi ,

Just purchased the upgrade. Cannot download the rar. files in the specific Steinberg folder. Other location suggested by windows is nowhere to find?
Need to be authorized or something.

Anyone an idea?