Upgrade to 7.5

Hi everyone.
Here the problem: I purchased my Cubase 7 last September in Italy (I’m italian) but as I live in Japan I use the software here in Japan. I wanted to upgrade to the 7.5 version but I didn’t get any link available from the Steinberg homepage… it always ask me to find a distributor! So i went to a shop where they sell Cubase and asked for the upgrade. i was told the upgrade is available only as download and I should try to do it at the japanese HP of Steinberg. And I did… found the upgrade link and went thought all the steps. Finally I got a message asking me to wait about three days to get answer and the link for the download. I got the mail a few hours ago but it seems no way to buy it because it is a “overseas purchase”!
Is there any way I can finally get the upgrade without doing a Trip to Italy? :smiley:

That doesn’t make sense to me.

Can you call them by phone and see what went wrong there?

Shouldn’t be this difficult.

Well, I called the japanese Steinberg Upgrade Center in Tokyo. They told to me the only way to upgrade Cubae to 7,5 is doing it the next time i go back to Italy.
When enter the english Steinberg HP and going to the update page I got the message of “Find a distributor” and no link for upgrade. It is maybe because of my IP adress, actually from Japan. And as I say, i got email response two days ago from Japan Steinberg telling me it is not possible to upgrade. same thing told me by phone a few minutes ago.
It ia quiet annoying there is no way to BUY a upgrade of a software! :frowning:

This will be the most expensive software upgrade ever! :open_mouth:

And if you ask Steinberg to change your My Steinberg account registration from Italy to Japan?

Changing the “My Steinberg” will not work as my Cubase version is a “imported product” to Japan. :frowning:

Well, and if you ask a very good friend to buy the upgrade for you in Italy? Did you ask Steinberg if this could work?

Expect that you go back to Italy just to buy it is very stupid…are we living in 19th century? :blush:

I may be in italy in july for holiday… hope it will work with my laptop too as i use a desktop here in Japan.
It is still a very annoying issue…

Hello demetz,

I am sorry to hear you are going to all this hassle to upgrade your Cubase 7 version.
I am sure there is an easier solution than a round trip to Italy :wink: let me see how we can proceed, I will send you further instructions on a PM.

Best regards,

Thanks, will wait for your message :wink:

Nice ! Hope it works out.

Thanks! Finally got my hands on C 7.5! :slight_smile:

Great news! :smiley:

Great - that was fast!

Was it a download version that you got so quickly?

it was the upgrade file from 7.0 top 7.5