upgrade to Absolute 2 advice

Hi one and all,
I am wanting to purchase this upgrade but my ‘C’ drive does not have enough space left. I have 2 other drives with approx 1T spare, can I install on one of these other drives and then tell C8.5 (pro) to search/use these drives to access all the additional features?
thanks in advance… Quintt


The biggest part of it aren’t the plug-ins itself, but the libraries. During the installation some of plug-ins (based on HALion), you can set the library path.

For the rest, you have to instal it to the predefined folders. The trick is to install it to these predefined folders first. Then make aliases of all files, move the source (original files) to the other HDD, and delete the “alias” post fix of all alias files.

All Instruments will refer to the aliases files, which will redirect it to the original source file. This works.

Additionally, please be aware that when using the “Steinberg Download Assistant” to download the Absolute 2 collection, it is possible to adjust the download directory in order to manage your available disk space.