Upgrade to C6.5 from C5

Sorry for posting this but I think I saw the answer somewhere but cant seem to find it anymore. I currently have the demo of 6.5 and am going to buy the full version and was wondering if I have to wait till the boxed copy arrives before I can activate the full version. If I do have to wait, does anyone know how long it would take to get the boxed version shipped to Canada? Ive looked at a few shops in town and they can only get C6. Thanks

You need the serial inside the box to activate your licence.

I think if you buy C6 from the local retailer and activate it you can then update the licence to 6.5 online for no additional charge.
Your demo install will work as full version with the new licence so no need to reinstall anything.

Cool thanks. I thought I read something about the grace period on 6 but couldnt remember. I will be buying when Im back in town :mrgreen:

Confirm. If you buy any Cubase 6 now (upgrade, or full version), you will get 6.5 version immediately. Just the Cubase Elements 6, doesn’t have 6.5 version, so this works for Cubase 6 & Cubase 6 Artist only.