Upgrade to C8 via download - is the download full version?

Hi Guys

I’m looking at moving back to Cubase after a decade-long “dabble” with Logic Pro.

I own Cubase 7 which was installed on a previous machine in the studio. Looking online, it appears that all upgrades are via download these days, not through discs purchased at a store. (Makes sense, in 2015…)

It appears that the download for the C7 to C8 upgrade isn’t as large as the C7.5 to C8 download, which suggests to me that I need to have the previous version I’m upgrading from installed on my computer, and the upgrade download will just consist of the new version of C8 and any content that is new since C7.

Given that I don’t have C7 installed and don’t really want to install it just to immediately upgrade, is it possible to download the full version of C8 when purchasing the upgrade online, for a complete install?

Thanks for any light you can shed on this one!


You can download the full installer (about 9 GB in size) by logging in to your MySteinberg account and going to Downloads.

Great! That’s what I was hoping to confirm.

Cheers and thanks,